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Thomas Drugman, Tuomo Raitio (2014): Excitation Modeling for HMM-based Speech Synthesis: Breaking Down the Impact of Periodic and Aperiodic Components. In: Proc. ICASSP 2014, 2014. (Type: Inproceeding | BibTeX | Tags: excitation modeling, glottal flow, HMM-based speech synthesis, residual signal)
Yoshitaka Mamiya, Junichi Yamagishi, Oliver Watts, Robert A. J. Clark, Simon King, Adriana Stan (2013): Lightly Supervised GMM VAD to Use Audiobook for Speech Synthesiser. In: Proc. ICASSP 2013, pp. 7987-7991, 2013. (Type: Inproceeding | Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: audiobook, HMM-based speech synthesis, lightly supervised, voice activity detection)