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Antti Suni, Tuomo Raitio, Dhananjaya Gowda, Reima Karhila, Matt Gibson, Oliver Watts (2014): The Simple4All entry to the Blizzard Challenge 2014. In: Proc. Blizzard Challenge 2014 Workshop, Singapore, 2014. (Type: Inproceeding | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Deep neural network, glottal flow pulse library, glottal inverse filtering, statistical parametric speech synthesis, unsupervised learning, vector space model)
Oliver Watts, Adriana Stan, Rob Clark, Yoshitaka Mamiya, Mircea Giurgiu, Junichi Yamagishi, Simon King (2013): Unsupervised and lightly supervised learning for rapid construction of TTS systems in multiple languages from 'found' data: evaluation and analysis. In: Proc. 8th ISCA Speech Synthesis Workshop, 2013. (Type: Inproceeding | Links | BibTeX | Tags: audiobook data, multilingual speech synthesis, text-to-speech, unsupervised learning, vector space model)