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J. Lorenzo-Trueba, R. Barra-Chicote, J. Yamagishi, O. Watts, J. M. Montero (2013): Towards Speaking Style Transplantation in Speech Synthesis. In: Proc. 8th ISCA Speech Synthesis Workshop, 2013. (Type: Inproceeding | Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Adaptation, expressive speech synthesis, speaking styles, transplantation)
Karhila, Reima, Remes, Ulpu, Kurimo, Mikko (2013): HMM-Based Speech Synthesis Adaptation Using Noisy Data: Analysis and Evaluation Methods. In: Proceedings of ICASSP-13, 2013, (Accepted to ICASSP 2013). (Type: Inproceeding | Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Adaptation, Evaluation, Feature extraction, Noise robustness, Speech synthesis)
Tuomo Raitio, Antti Suni, Martti Vainio, Paavo Alku (2013): Synthesis and Perception of Breathy, Normal, and Lombard Speech in the Presence of Noise. In: Special issue of Computer Speech and Language on 'The Listening Talker', 2013. (Type: Article | Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Adaptation, Breathy speech, intelligibility, Lombard speech, statistical parametric speech synthesis, Vocal effort)