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Chetana Prakash, Dhananjaya Gowda, Suryakanth Gangashetty (2013): Analysis of Acoustic Events in Speech Signals Using Bessel Series Expansion. In: Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, 32 (6), pp. 2915-2938, 2013, ISSN: 1531-5878. (Type: Article | Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: bessel series expansion, glottal closure instants, speech analysis, vowel onset time)
Tuomo Raitio, Antti Suni, Jouni Pohjalainen, Manu Airaksinen, Martti Vainio, Paavo Alku (2013): Analysis and Synthesis of Shouted Speech. In: Proc. Interspeech 2103, 2013. (Type: Inproceeding | Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: shouting, speech analysis, Speech synthesis)